Just Before Dawn


A soft hand landed on Tifa’s shoulder; Vincent had heard the commotion and struggled downstairs to save Reeve…he really didn’t understand Tifa’s emotions on this.

"Tifa." he said quietly.

Reeve looked Vincent over before slowly picking up the bag of clean clothes and handing them over, “Vincent…I do apologize…”

Vincent shook his head and took the clothes, keeping one eye on Tifa, “There’s nothing to apologize for. You didn’t know it would happen.” he said, stepping over to the bar and grabbing a knife from behind it, “I’ll have the report for you in a couple of days.”

Reeve skirted warily around Tifa and watched as Vincent sliced his forearm open and pushed a small, wax covered chip out of the incision, running it under some water before handing it over to Reeve, “Keep it safer next time, hm?”

Taking it with a chuckle, Reeve took a small case from his pocket and placed the chip inside, “Thank you Vincent..I really have to get back to the office and get this locked up and analyzed.” he gave Vincent a brief, awkward one armed hug before backing towards the door, “Tifa..”

And then he was gone, quickly shutting the door behind him and leaving the bar in silence.

"Breakfast is burning…" Vincent noted after a moment.

She relaxed under Vincent’s touch for a brief second before tensing again. Had he heard everything? What was he doing up?

Tifa remained still, watching the two of them interact while she tried to reign in her emotions. How could they be so calm about all of this? She knew she wasn’t acting irrational, not after everything she had seen in her life. Was Vincent alright with almost dying? Almost leaving her? Did their relationship mean so little to him?

It wasn’t until Vincent mentioned breakfast that she snapped back to reality, rushing into the kitchen in order to turn off to the stove. Well, there goes the eggs, she mused darkly in her head as she dumped the food in the trash. 

Somehow, she found it difficult to speak. 

Title: J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC Version)
Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Album: FFVII: Advent Children - OST
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J-E-N-O-V-A - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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"Can I kiss you?"



What is wrong with her? Why would you ask someone you don’t even know that?

Squall narrowed his eyes at her as if she was a little nuts. “…Don’t even know you.”


Without even thinking about it Squall slowly walked towards her, meeting her halfway. 

It was out of character for Squall to behave and feel like this, usually wanting to avoid socializing at all costs. This, however, was different. What started off as a silly game, seemed to unravel something more. Though he didn’t want to jump the shark and come to a conclusion because there were endless possibilities. 

Perhaps there was a genuine interest, or perhaps it was nothing more than a few words that needed to be exchanged.

I..don’t even know her name, though..That must be it. She just wants to exchange names.

The two of them stood barely apart. Squall ran his fingers through his hair and down his neck, rubbing it while he thought of something to say.




Something in his eyes gave her the impression that she wasn’t the only one that felt that when they kissed. Was he just as confused? His tone didn’t display any anger or malice, which was good, she figured. 

"…Hi," she muttered back, feeling incredibly foolish for walking back to him. "Did you…uhm…" Tifa motioned with her hand between the two of them as she tried to verbalize her thoughts.

Letting out a huff, she shook her head, mahogany brushing across her eyes.

"—My name is Tifa. I’m sorry about what I just did and I get it if you want nothing to do with me but…thanks for not blowing up on me." 

Why is my heart beating so fast? What is with this guy?

Old Friend || Badass-barmaid


"I’m so sorry, Tifa.. I really thought you didn’t— Well, things for worse for me after that incident.. and I just got so angry that nobody believed me that I ended up getting into fights on daily basis… It doesn’t matter now, though. It’s gone. Can’t change the past just as the minds of people who live here."

Tifa shook her head, a small smile on her face. 

"It’s the past, Cloud. It sucks that it happened, but it’s over with now and we both now know the truth." It was time to move on from everything and grow, hopefully together

Slowly, she moved to take one of his hands, lacing their fingers together. Together, they could be strong. 

"So, what’s the first thing you’re gonna show me when we get to Midgar?"

Just Before Dawn


Reeve who was not expecting to be decked first thing in the morning and least of all by Tifa, fell backwards on his butt and looked up at her wide-eyed while rubbing his jaw. It took him a moment to gather his scattered wits and slowly he stood, an expression of understanding crossing his face.

"I believe, I deserved that." he said slowly, working his jaw back and forth with a small frown, "My deepest and sincerest apologies, Tifa…for having to do what I did."

"Your apologies mean shit to me, Reeve," she spat, eyes ablaze as she tried to calm down…failing miserably. The fact that even swore like that was a reflection of how upset she was. ”Vincent came here half-dead, for Gaia’s sake!”

Taking a deep breath, the barmaid continued to glare at the older man. 

"I don’t know what mission you sent him on, but I swear to Holy that if you ever do that to him again, you’ll wish you were a cat!” She knew she was being dramatic, but she wouldn’t tolerate pain being thrown at the man she loved if she could ever help it. 



He gently wove his fingers between hers as their lips remained locked.  The detective had no idea how to advance past this, in truth he was probably just as inexperienced if not more inexperienced than the barmaid.  All he knew was that she was special to him in ways no one else had ever been. 

One of Tifa’s hands found its way around his neck, cradling the back of his head while they continued to kiss. Her heart was thrumming as she felt the need to be closer to him. It had been very long years since she shared any intimacy with anyone, and the two of them hadn’t done more than kiss a few times. She wanted to express how much she missed him. How much she needed him to stay.

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[txt] I got red. Can I wear one as a cape this time?

[txt] As long as you don’t wear underwear over your pants.

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Burning off the Haze }{Tifa & Rude}{


Rude raised his free hand in supplication and surrender, “My sweet taps mistress,” he said with a flourish, “This is a sparring match, not a torture session.”

He stood, stretched and made for the bedroom door. “I will leave you to your cleaning up,” he teased with a roll of his eyes as he gathered a few of his belongings before rounding the doorframe.

Poking his head back around after a few seconds he offered with a shrug, “Unless you’d like some help. I wouldn’t mind coaxing a few more of those inhuman noises out of you this morning.”

And he wouldn’t, but if she didn’t fling a pillow at his head he’d be a little disappointed. They might have been acting like teenagers, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t enjoy it like adults.

She blushed at his comment, shaking her head in amusement at his choice of words. Her eyes lingered on his form as he stretched. Damn, why am I so drawn to him? It was unfair, really. And the worst part was he knew his affect on her. 

As soon as she thought she’d have a moment to breath and calm her nerves, she saw his face appear from around the corner and she suddenly felt very warm

By instinct, she tossed the mug at him before she covered her mouth in surprise at her force. This man did things to her that made her so flustered and unhinged that it drove her crazy. In the best and worst of ways. 

"—I’m so sorry!" she gasped, thoroughly embarrassed.

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Just Before Dawn


He waited until she had gone before he reached for the phone and quickly called Reeve, telling him where the spare key was, what clothes he wanted and begged him not to mess anything up. The call complete, he wasn’t sure what to do next…he couldn’t shower until he had clean clothes and he was afraid that if he laid down, he’d be out for another day and a half.

Going downstairs wasn’t an option, because he knew he wouldn’t make it back upstairs, so with a sigh, he sat on the bed and examined his shoulder.

Vincent was aware that Tifa was upset to some degree…he understood she had been worried about him, but what was he supposed to do about it? There wasn’t anything he could have done about it and it wasn’t his fault…He sighed in frustration and ran his fingers through his hair.

Twenty minutes later, Reeve walked into the bar with a bag of Vincent’s clothes and waved to Tifa. “Good morning Tifa…I hope I’m not intruding…Vincent asked me to bring him a few changes of clothes. How is he?”

Tifa was stewing as she cooked, and not even the salty sweet smells of her food could pull her from her thoughts. She couldn’t believe that Vincent had been caught in such a situation and almost killed for it. She had no idea what it was he was protecting, but she knew that he wouldn’t be strong enough to say no to Reeve. 

So she would have to do it for him. 

When she heard Reeve’s voice, she walked out of the kitchen. He looked chipper considering the circumstances, which only added to her anger. Without a word, she walked over to the older gentleman, raised her hand, and punched him square in the jaw. 

"Good morning, Reeve," she said through clenched teeth.

A Bite to Eat || @sher—lockholmes


"I will definitely consider it" he said. There were always strange things in atmospheres where you get a lot of people together.

"Wonderful," she said softly, smiling at him. The smile faded when she saw the time. "Oh…looks like it’s about that time…" Her hips swayed as she walked around the counter, beginning to let other patrons know it was time to leave. There were less than a handful at this point, so she knew it wouldn’t take long to close things down. However, she hoped that Sherlock would stay until she asked him to leave.

Old Friend || Badass-barmaid


"Huh?"Cloud tilted his head in confusion, "I thought.. you didn’t say anything and that was why… —It doesn’t matter. Let’s forget about it."

"Well, I’ve tried some stuff and nothing has worked. I’d be really happy for anything, but no such luck so far."

Her brows furrowed. “I said a lot, Cloud. I yelled at my dad for days about it. He never listened. He said I hurt my head and was just protecting you and you were the one that caused me to fall…after that…I just gave up. I shouldn’t have…but I was so mad at myself for getting you in trouble and almost dying and I missed Mama…” 

She shook her head, frowning. 

"I’m so sorry about back then. It’s why Papa and I don’t get along now. I lost trust in him after that."


朝の身支度 by とり千代

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Siliv watches Tifa as she approaches, uncertain at first of the stranger, but she would put out her hands to take the glass in little digits. She would take a sip and look to her father who would settle her on a bar stool, taking the glass so she could make the motion for thank you. A hand against her lips and she moved down her palm flat.

"Siliv says Thank you in the only way that she can, as do I," Rene explained for Siliv as she did not seem to mind it not being sweetened. It was not as thick as she was used to, not as flavorful, but it was alright. 

"Ah…would you have some kind of red wine?" Rene asks of Tifa settling on the stool beside his daughter. His eyes moving between her wiggling form and Tifa. It was the only thing he could drink easily that was not blood, so he would sip away at that. Siliv seemed quite content with her drink, a little milk mustache appearing upon pale skin. 

Tifa smiled at the father, giving a nod at his answer.

"Well, you are very welcome Siliv," she replied, hoping she pronounced the girl’s name correctly. 

Looking back at the man, she gave another nod. “Absolutely. One moment.” After excusing herself, the barmaid moved to fill a glass with some red wine. “This comes from a small village by Junon. It’s not as famous as other brands, but I assure you that it is delicious. I like to promote more local brands when I can,” Tifa explained as she slid the glass across the counter for him. 

Watching the girl once again, she couldn’t help but chuckle. “She is your daughter, correct? She is adorable. How old is she?”

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