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I’m pretty damn sick. Work’s been awful, and tomorrow is my day-long interview. This means I probably won’t be on tonight, since I’ll need to prep for tomorrow and want to rest/sleep early. 

I hope you can be patient when it comes to replies! I’ll sneak on with my phone for sure between now and this time tomorrow. I hope to be well enough to be online tomorrow night. 

Honestly I just wanna go home, drink some ginger ale, and pass out, preferably while curled up against Josh like a kitty xD

{Tifa's rep I can't speak for because I am horrifically biased. But yours is that you are kind, strong, and honest, ALL of which can be double-edged swords sometimes!}

Does my muse have a specific reputation in RP circles? If so, what is it?






Happy late Easter and sexual sunday

[Is it bad that I read "Can't brain fart anymore for drafts" in the tags then laughed? ^^'] 6 and 47

6. Mun’s first ever OTP

((You guys will know the Johnny Depp version more, but this is the original Dark Shadows couple of Barnabas and Josette, I grew up on this show because of my mother, and I even went to a convention when I was young and met most of the actors — including Kathryn Lee Scott aka Josette/Maggie Evans. I’d have to say that this was my very first OTP, for sure.))

47. What is mun’s favourite food?

((Pizza or Nutella. It’s a toss up, really. They’re both rad.))


{pleas forgive me, i grew up on a farm and never quite grew out of it.}

((You should see all the cow-themes stuff I have, from salt and pepper shakers to mugs to plushies. It’s a thing. I was known in high school for mooing randomly at people because I’m weird like that.))

5, 10, 15

5. Mun’s least favourite character and why.


((This brat. Reasons I could list would most likely cause me to get hate and flamed for it, so basically, it’s because he’s whiny and is one of the reasons why I stopped playing XIII. I’m educated on trauma and how it can effect young people — he’s just an idiot in my opinion. So yeah. Hate on me if you want.))

10. Mun’s opinion on you.

((There is no word awesome enough to describe you. You’re a fantastic and talented writer, an incredible and patient wife and mother, and take no shit. I wish I was on more often so we can talk more ooc, and I look forward to our threads together like a giddy schoolgirl. You’re the main reason why I love and respect Rude’s character. <333))

15. Does mun believe in love?

((Can you say hopeless romantic? Good lord, woman, I’m all about that stuff. It also helps that I’m madly and unconditionally in love with my fiancee. I secret love chick flicks because I’m all about the forbidden love scenarios or the hate-into-love stories. It’s a sickness, I know.))

21, 22, 23!

21. Can mun cook?

((Depends on what you mean by cooking. I can bake like no one’s business and I make amazing waffles and pancakes. But Josh really does the brunt of the cooking and is really good at it.))

22. Mun’s favourite animal

((It’s a toss up between cows, pandas, and pugs xD))

23. Can mun swim?

((If by swim you mean flail wildly when my feet can’t touch the bottom of a body of water, then yes.))

"Your rep? Well, I dunno, but you're...I guess..." he twiddled his thumbs. "I guess what I mean is...I-if I have a mom out there? I really hope she's something like you."

"….Thank you.


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Does my muse have a specific reputation in RP circles? If so, what is it?