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He shrugged, holding up his hands in appeasement, and letting the weapon hang loosely from the tie at his wrist. He wasn’t sure what else you were supposed to call this generation of Avalanche, after everything. Terrorists, sure, but didn’t that seem a bit simplistic?

"In the city? Yeah. Not sure about nearby though. Don’t think so." That at least was honest. He hadn’t seen anything on the way over that would indicate that this neighborhood was a center of monster activity, and the reports from this area had only been very recent. "Kid alright?"

Looking around, she frowned at the thought of more being around. “How many more in the city?” she asked, hoping that the count wasn’t too terrible. She didn’t want to leave Marlene alone in the bar. His question surprised her, causing Tifa to look over at the redhead with a cocked eyebrow. 

Since when was he so concerned with the welfare of children?

"She’s tougher than she looks," she commented, crimson hues darting to the bar and back to Reno’s face. "What about you? Hold up alright?"

工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪! Send this to 10 blogs that you love and you will never unfollow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥


工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪! Send this to 10 blogs that you love and you will never unfollow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥

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Whiskey on the Rocks || Closed RP || PrideofaSOLDIER & Badass-Barmaid


{☼} — He could almost feel the tension leave his shoulders as she spoke, relief flooding him that she didn’t hate him. It was something he always feared when people learned of his mistakes, but still - despite her reassurances - he couldn’t bring himself to shoulder any less of the burden he’d taken on himself. It was something he’d vowed to make up to the world and those who walked it’s soil.

"I appreciate your words, I truly do, but that cannot forgive me for the lives that have been lost as a result of my inaction and carelessness. There are many who died in my useless war against Shin-Ra and didn’t even know what they fought for." He stared at the empty glass in his hand for a moment longer before raising his head to look her in the eyes. "I’m truly relieved that you don’t hate me for what I’ve done, but I cannot forget those who’s lives could have been saved if I hadn’t been such a fool."


His determination to make things right was far too strong to just let everything slide based on a simple technicality. Just because Sephiroth had wielded the sword and magic did not make Genesis any less at fault. That would be far too easy and he was done the easy way. “I hope you understand, then, why I cannot so easily accept your forgiveness. In many ways I want you to hate me…it is what I deserve.”

"It’s good that you won’t forget. That you think of them often. They cannot fade from our memory," she replied softly, thinking about all the loved ones she had lost, of the family members of her patrons. She frowned as she thought of Aerith and her father. "Perhaps things could have changed if you’ve acted sooner. But that is the past and it can’t be changed."

"But there’s something else that you need to consider. You didn’t stop Sephiroth, but you also survived what he did not. You were experimented on and yet you didn’t fall to the same madness. You’ve been given a chance to redeem yourself but also to live on for those who couldn’t. That’s significant, don’t you think?” she countered, giving him a serious, yet soft expression. 

"Remaining stagnate in what ifs and how you can sulk over what you didn’t do is the greatest offense to those who lost their lives. That’s not right, either."

Never too late to learn


The kitchen was nice, a lot smaller than his back at home, but what it lacked in vastness it made up for in atmosphere—and company.

Zuko stood close, attentive to what she was saying and eyeing each one of the ingredients as she pulled them down. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot that they were working with, so that was good. The less complicated the recipe, the better. 

But he didn’t think he was going to mess up, Tifa was giving him all her attention, making sure to go at a pace slow enough for him to follow.

If anyone else had used those same words, he might have thought them condescending. But she was such a sweet woman, so patient and always wanting to help people to the best of her abilities. Not once had he ever thought she was talking down to him.

He thought she would make a great teacher.

Rolling his sleeves up to his elbows, he nodded, looking over the ingredients once more before recalling her earlier confusion.

"Oh, and Sifu means teacher." He answered, "It’s a very highly respected term where I come from. And if you can teach me how to do this, then you deserve it."

"Oh, I see," she replied, smiling softly at Zuko while she started to pour different ingredients into a large metal bowl. She made sure to show him the amounts of what she put in. "As long as you remember the amounts, putting the batter together isn’t nearly as difficult. If you slip up, though, then the batter may be either too stiff or runny."

Giving him a playful smile, she moved away from the bowl. 

"Your turn — use your hands to mix together the ingredients in the bowl, Make sure everything is smooth! When it’s all mixed together, we will form them into balls and set them on a baking sheet."

He needed guidance, that was all. He faced too much at such a young age, so much like her. She wanted to give him something to be proud of that had nothing to do with violence or ruling over someone else. This was something he could see to the end and feel good about. And it was also something he could repeat. 

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Keeping his gaze on her he couldn’t help but smile slightly. It was reliving to hear her say she forgave him. But no matter how much she said it, he’d had too much time with it. It was what he’d believe until he was returned to death once again. Sighing he turned his gaze momentarily before speaking once again his electric hues shifting back to her as she kept her curious gaze on him. She must have felt odd seeing the SOLDIER there. Cloud and Tifa had always been younger than him, but in his absence he didn’t really change all that much. She looked so different. “You’ve grown a lot haven’t you.” 


Turning to give her a smile he rested his chin along his knuckles. Taking in her features once more he stifled a short laugh,” Wish I could have been here with you guys from the beginning you know? You two were so young back then…” It really was a game changer seeing how much she had changed. So much more mature. “i see you lost the cowgirl getup. Have to say imma miss it.” He teased her playfully enjoying the fact he was in the presence of someone from the past. 

His comment surprised her, yet she chuckled instead of looking surprised. “Well, a lot has happened since you saw me last,” she replied with a small smile. 

"You miss that old thing? That’s silly. I always hated wearing it. Never did like gentlemen leering at me on the mountainside. I think what I wear now suits me much better, don’t you think?” Leaning back, she became a bit more somber. “I’m glad you weren’t with us. It may have given Cloud more peace of mind, but you were saved from some of the worst horrors of the world.” 

Just a drink and a smoke



"Well, everyone grows up once and a while, don’t they, Teef?" He said chuckling. He lit another cigarette and thought to himself.

What are you saying? Growing up?

He looked up at Tifa and took the glass from her, “Hey thanks, yo. I don’t know. This last mission I took. It just… I couldn’t do it. They wanted me to kidnap some official’s kid and kill her somewhere to get a message across. Poor girl never did anything. They guy had missed ONE payment!” He said with an angered growl, “Ain’t no kid deserves to die. Especially not over that. So, I had a talk with the offender, and told him what was planned. He payed right away, y’know? ShinRa’s gettin’ too bloodthirsty.”

"Mm, I suppose so," she replied with a small smile. "Even you can grow a little bit, Reno.”

Her face softened further when he told his story. It made her stomach churn, knowing that ShinRa would always be ShinRa deep down: dirty, underhanded, and hungry for power and dominance. 

"I’m surprised that you would go against Rufus. Impressive."

(Gonna be reblogging to a sideblog, so I have anon'd) A blonde girl comes into the bar, after dusk, hiding under a sunhat in the dimming light. "E-excuse me? Is this where Tifa works?"



"Hm? Yes, I’m Tifa. Do you need something, Miss?"

"O-oh, um…adoptive mother." She laughs nervously. "Jackie’s her only b-baby by birth. She adopted me, a l-little after I moved into h-her home…" The young woman smiles, showing some sharp fangs, before quickly hiding them, and putting on a nice poker face. "O-oops."

"—I see," she replied, slowly nodding in understanding. "You’re not quite human, are you?"



No.” He replied after hearing her voice loud and clear, fingers moving his cigarette towards his lips once again. In all honesty, he didn’t enjoy to drink much due to the scars of his past, but today was one of those abrupt days where it was better to hide behind his constant curtain of smoke and the thin pool of amber which alcohol provided. “Thanks.” He mumbled, though that word was more forced than anything else. The man released another puff of smoke, silhouette wrapped in solitude. 

"Is there a problem?" she asked, her voice firm but not offending. Yes, she was a bit bothered by his attitude, but she also was concerned. He was a heavy smoker and seemed to want to stick to himself. Most people who came to her bar this way were those on a destructive path. "That’s a nasty habit, you know," she spoke, softer this time. "Hiding behind risky behaviors isn’t really a fulfilling way to live."

Bliss at the Beach|| @ advent-soldier


His eyes slid wide open. They were his beast/cat-like eyes before they darted all over the place and slowly went to his normal eyes. “T-Tifa…?” His eyes looked at her even though he was sweating heavily.

He closed his eyes and moved his arm over his face. “I’m sorry you had to see that…” With a sigh, Cloud just laid there. “Don’t worry about it… I’ve been having the same dream for a long time…”

"Oh, thank the stars!" she gasped, holding him tightly before kissing his forehead and cheek. "You terrified me just now!"

Frowning at his attitude, she shook her head. “Cloud, we’re married now. Don’t say those things. I want to help you through whatever is troubling you. What sorts of dreams are you having?” Was the darkness right in that it would never leave him? Or them now?

Long Time || (closed) badass-barmaid


He smiled at her. “We can start a new life… And maybe even a family…” He lifted her chin to make her look into his eyes. “Tifa… You know how I feel about you… And I now know how you feel about me…” His voice was soft as he continued to look deep into her eyes.

"So… I want you to marry me…" He said with a very small blush on his cheeks. "I-I’ll leave you to think about it…" Cloud kissed her head before he headed out the room to look for the nurse.

She drew in a sharp breath, eyes widening like saucers at his words. Her mouth hung open as he left, her body suddenly heavy and frozen in place.

He…he wants to marry me?

Was she in a dream? They only reconnected the previous day, yet he wanted her to be with him…to have a family…to be his wife? Tifa’s hand flew to her chest, feeling the vibration of her fluttering heart. Nothing made sense to her anymore, not in the last day or so. Except for one thing: that she loved Cloud. She always had and always will.

She couldn’t wait for him to come back so that she could tell him yes.

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